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Tricia Hoekwater
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Home Inventories and Document Archiving

Senior Situation:

My neighbor’s house burned down – I’m worried it might happen to me.


Senior Solution from Tricia Hoekwater:

After meeting with me and discussing the situation, this neighbor decided to hire me to do a full photographic and documented inventory with valuations of each piece. The client was able to use the inventory with the home insurer to identify any gaps in coverage. The client now has great peace of mind.


MEMBER: Tricia Hoekwater
EMAIL: uniquelyyours@outlook.com
SERVING: The San Francisco Bay Area
PHONE: 925-206-0103

ABOUT TRICIA HOEKWATER: I am a certified inventory specialist (CIS) and digital organizer. Having experienced first-hand the trauma of a burglary and a close friend’s experience as a victim of an arson fire, I know the value of a home inventory and the importance of documentation and organization. A planner/organizer from childhood, I enjoy bringing my clients joy with digital organization and cataloging using my experiences as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


My clients love discovering how useful a property inventory can be. Not only staying ahead of tomorrow’s disaster by preparing for it today, your inventory serves as part of your estate plan, documents your legacy, assists in moving, and provides a record of assets in case of marriage dissolution – all cataloged in a secure cloud-based software platform.




  • Home Inventory
  • Art Collection Photography
  • Photo Scanning & Organizing
  • Digital Legacy – Virtual Safe Deposit Box
  • Financial Document Archiving
  • Paper Management Systems

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