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Medicare specialist and health insurance agent

Senior Situation:

I am about to turn 65 and I heard there are penalties if I don’t sign up for Medicare on time! But everything I read is so confusing! Do I want supplemental insurance or not? Do I have to give up my favorite doctor if I get Medicare Advantage? What is the correct timing for it all? HELP!!


Senior Solution from Susan P. Lucas:

I’ve got your back. You can attend one of my no-cost seminars, or let’s jump on a call and figure it out together. I have a few questions about your current health needs, prescriptions, and your budget. We should be able to get you on the path that is right for you in a short time, and I have some great resources if you aren’t ready to decide yet. I look forward to assisting you soon!

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SERVING: Contra Costa, Northern Alameda, Solano, Napa, Marin and Sonoma Counties
PHONE: 707-828-0059

ABOUT SUSAN LUCAS: She is a licensed insurance broker who educates seniors about Medicare. Growing up in a multi-generational home, with parents working full-time and caretaking full-time, fueled her passion to educate the community about healthcare and well-being. Before becoming an Insurance Broker, she owned a health and wellness practice for 12 years as a Nationally Certified Massage and Bodywork Practitioner, serving adults and retirees. In her wellness practice she used a holistic approach with many different techniques and modalities to serve each person. She strives to bring that same philosophy to her insurance clients by paying close attention to their unique individual circumstances.


Medicare can be very confusing and there are changes annually. Her first goal is to provide education to people who are becoming eligible for Medicare and current beneficiaries, so they understand their options. Next, you will discuss your current health, doctors, and prescription medications to find the right plan(s) for your healthcare needs and budget. It is important to remember that each person has different needs and there is not one plan that works for everyone.


Susan offers complimentary seminars and individual client sessions to help current beneficiaries and those who are retiring or turning 65 understand their health care options. As part of her service to clients, she offers doctor and medical network research, and prescription medication research to find the right plan(s) for each client. She navigates the plans available in your area to help guide you to a decision that will meet your healthcare needs. In addition, she has contracted with Spark to provide additional service and support. The Spark Navigators team are available to answer questions regarding your plan and help with other issues that may occur. Reach out today to get your questions answered!



  • Medicare Consulting
  • Health Provider Research
  • Medicare Advantage Comparison Shopping
  • Medicare Open Enrollment Advice
  • Medicare Health and Drug Plan Options
  • Education on Medicare Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Coverage Information
  • Dental and Eye Care Coverage Consulting