Mark Halversen, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Mark Halversen

Mark Halversen
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Senior Situation:

Do you need more than just tax filing? Has your tax preparer retired, or perhaps your spouse previously filed the taxes? Are the tax issues getting more complicated? Has the time come to get more advice than your current situation is offering?


Senior Solution from Mark Halversen:

It is easy to live on what I call autopilot, and never investigate if you could be managing your current, future, and estate taxes better. We look at each client as a unique situation, with goals that deserve to be included in the discussion.


We review options, and offer recommendations that we identify as possible tax saving solutions. Sometimes, we may be asked to determine the after-tax proceeds of selling a major asset such as a home, or developing a long range strategy to minimize taxes over 10 or 20 years. We may see tax saving opportunities being overlooked currently, or we may be asked to evaluate if more than the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) should be taken out of IRA accounts each year. Reach out if you are ready for personalized tax planning services!

Mark Halversen

MEMBER: Mark Halversen, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
PHONE: 925-687-1040
SERVING: All of California (Based in Pleasant Hill, CA)
ADDRESS: 140 Gregory Lane, Ste 180, Pleasant Hill CA 94523

ABOUT MARK HALVERSEN: Mark was born and raised in the East Bay, and purchased the family accounting practice from his father in 2007. When relaxing, Mark enjoys waterskiing in the Delta. Mark earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Cal State Hayward, and an MBA in Finance from Brigham Young University, graduating with honors from both universities.


Mark obtained his CPA license from California in 1995 after working for one of the big eight accounting firms in Oakland for three years, and finishing graduate school. He joined the family accounting firm owned by his father. Other family members who have worked in the firm are Mark’s grandfather, uncle and aunt, mother, and all of his four siblings. He currently works with his brother Scott, also a CPA, his sister Sheri, his wife Jael, his wife’s sister, Jalene, and her husband, Shawn.


We mainly serve residents of California, but have clients throughout the country, and even a few living abroad. While we don’t exclusively serve Seniors, many of our clients who started with Mark’s father have stayed with the company. Being a second generation firm has allowed us that much more exposure to issues facing Seniors. Continuity is something we value highly.



  • Tax Planning and Review of Prior Filings
  • Identifying IRA Distribution Strategies
  • Learning the Tax Implications of Moving or Downsizing
  • Tax Saving Opportunities That are Being Missed
  • Tax Implications of a Second Marriage
  • Are ROTH Conversions The Right Move, and How Much Is Too Much?
  • Donation Strategies
  • Tax Implications of Losing a Spouse
  • How to Manage Taxes When Medical Care Costs Become Significant
  • Helping Children Financially – the Right Way
  • Working with Children When the Time is Right
  • How to File Trust Taxes
  • Balancing Debt and Investments for Tax Purposes
  • Selling a Business
  • Payroll Services for In-Home Care and Small Businesses
  • Gift, Estate, Personal, and Trust Tax Preparation (Federal and State)
  • Bookkeeping for Small Businesses
  • Budgeting

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