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Daniel Scott
Bay Area Community Manager
Honey Homes
Serving East Bay, South Bay, the Peninsula

Senior Situation:

My mother is fiercely independent and loves living alone in the same house where I grew up. But the big house needs maintenance, and I can’t do that myself, or be there during the week when contractors come by. I worry about scam artists and people trying to needlessly upsell her. How can we get reliable help at a reasonable cost?


Senior Solution from Daniel Scott:

Dealing with normal home maintenance, much less deferred maintenance, can be frustrating and expensive.

How we care for our living space is an extension of how we take care of ourselves. Daniel Scott is the Bay Area Community Manager for Honey Homes, a subscription-based handyman and home upkeep service helping Bay Area homeowners manage all the maintenance tasks that make their house feel like home. With over 20 years of brand marketing experience in mindfulness, health, and wellness, Daniel recognizes the importance of finding peace in a comfortable home environment.


“Your home is your sanctuary. Take care of it and it will take care of you.”


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Daniel Scott

MEMBER: Daniel Scott
EMAIL: danielscott@honeyhomes.com
SERVING: East Bay, South Bay, the Peninsula
PHONE: 925-444-0599
WEBSITE: honeyhomes.com
CONNECT: Book some time to chat here >> https://calendly.com/dshoneyhomes

ABOUT DANIEL SCOTT: Daniel found his peaceful home environment in the Bay Area after his parents moved from the East Coast to El Sobrante after retirement. Falling in love with the vibrant natural beauty of its rolling hills and bay views, it was only a matter of time until he traded in the life of a world-traveling yoga teacher for weekly dinners with family. An avid cyclist since youth, Daniel can often be found exploring the winding back roads of Briones, Mt. Diablo, and the North Bay.


Jobs Around the House

  • Caulking and grouting
  • Patching, paint touch-ups
  • TV hanging and installation
  • Furniture assembly
  • Hanging mirrors, shelves and artwork
  • Door and doorknob adjustment
  • Closet adjustments
  • Lots more! No job is too small, just ask.


Minor electrical and plumbing jobs

  • Replacing light fixtures
  • Outlet and switch replacement
  • Leak assessment and fixes
  • Faucet replacement
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Smart home device installation
  • Advice and coordination for larger jobs!


Interior maintenance

  • Air filter replacement
  • Water filter replacement
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Garbage disposal tune-up
  • Refrigerator coil vacuuming
  • Washer/dryer cleaning and filter changes
  • Faucet inspection for leaks, aerator cleaning
  • Smoke / carbon monoxide detector checks


Exterior maintenance

  • Outdoor sprinkler inspection
  • Gutter inspections
  • Garage door wheels and tracks oiling
  • Exterior walk-around for water / pest signs

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