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Senior Situation:

I want to cut back on my driving, but taxis are unreliable and I don’t need the attention and expense of a caregiver just to give me rides.


Senior Solution from Amy Stice:

Let Arrive Rides send you a ride whenever you need it! Once you’ve signed up for the service, you’ll be able to call a dispatch phone line, talk to a friendly concierge and order a car to pick you up immediately, or schedule a ride for a future time.


Arrive dispatches Lyft and Uber rides for its members, which are low-cost and previously only available to people who have smartphones. Our concierges will tell you what kind of car to look out for and exactly when it will arrive to pick you up. They will then call your assigned driver to let them know how to find you—like telling them what you’re wearing when you’re being picked up in front of a busy supermarket, or giving them the entrance code to your gated community.


Your concierge monitors the ride to ensure that you’re picked up as planned, and handle payment to the driver directly, so there’s no need for you to carry cash. The experience is friendly, easy and efficient!

MEMBER: Amy Stice
PHONE: 866-626-9879
HOURS: On-demand rides available from 9 am – 6 pm, Pacific time, seven days/week. Scheduled rides available 24 hours/day.
SERVING: Nationwide, from Oakland, CA

ABOUT AMY STICE AND ARRIVE RIDES: Amy spent every Thanksgiving of her childhood with her grandmother, Nina, in Moraga. When she moved to the Bay Area in 2008, she started spending more time with Nina and began to recognize a problem that’s now familiar: It’s very hard to give up driving in the suburbs! Nina is now 93 years old and while she’s still comfortable driving her Camry to church and the library, she’d prefer to get a ride into busy Lafayette or Walnut Creek.


Amy thought it would be easy for Nina to use Lyft or Uber to order a ride when she needed one, but since Nina doesn’t have a smartphone that was impossible. Amy dreamed up Arrive Rides to make it easy for Nina and her friends to get around town. They can call Arrive from any phone line to request a ride and a car can be to her house in minutes.


Amy doesn’t do this alone. Her business partner is her close friend from high school, Liz Legg, who’s been reading Amy’s mind for 20 years now. Amy’s husband provides technical support and her young daughter is responsible for all typos. Amy is on the board of directors for the East Bay Women’s Network and is a founding emerita board member of Oasis for Girls.


  • Reliable Transportation
  • Local Alternatives to Taxi Services
  • Rides by Phone
  • Car Service on Demand
  • Hiring a Driver for Appointments
  • Options After Giving Up Your Car

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