Small adjustments to your car can keep you driving longer

Small adjustments to your car can keep you driving longer

by Amy Stice
Co-founder, Arrive Rides

All vehicles should be customized to their drivers–it’s why we adjust the rearview mirror every time we get into the car. If driving is starting to make you physically uncomfortable, some easy after-market adjustments might bring you some relief.

Many of these are available at any auto parts store, and cost less than $20. For example:


  • A steering wheel cover helps arthritic joints maintain a good grip on the wheel.
  • An extra seat cushion can help a driver see over the steering wheel and maintain a good and comfortable posture during longer trips.
  • A wider or convex rearview mirror minimizes blind spots when it’s difficult to turn easily in one’s seat.
Amy Stice

Amy Stice, Co-founder, Arrive Rides


There are other easy changes that will more substantially change the feeling of driving, and you might consider working with a professional to implement the changes. (AAA has an online resource to help you find a professional in your area.)


  • A pedal extension, which will raise the gas and brake pedals to a more comfortable height.
  • Seat belt extenders, which make it easier to buckle a belt for those with limited mobility.


If you’re no longer comfortable driving, call Arrive Rides and let us help you get around. We’re an on-demand car service that can get you a ride in minutes. Call 866-626-9879, or visit to learn more about becoming a member.



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